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Healthy Aging Matters: Beyond Driving with Dignity

Determining when the right time is to consider retiring from driving is a very difficult, sensitive decision to make. Kendal at Home is pleased to host Matt Gurwell with Senior Care Authority. Matt is a retired Ohio State Trooper and founder of Beyond Driving with Dignity. Matt will discuss this facilitated self-assessment program for seniors. This one-on-one, laid-back approach is conducted in the individual’s home and provides education, assessment, and resources to allow individuals insight into possible safety concerns around driving. Please join us to learn more about this highly-regarded program.

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About Matt Gurwell

Matt Gurwell is the developer of the nationally-recognized “Beyond Driving with Dignity” program. He currently lectures throughout the United States on topics related to the aging process and its adverse effects on driving skills. As the developer of this life-saving program, Matt’s mission is to provide strategies and guidance to seniors that will help them to continue driving safely until the decision is made to retire from their driving careers. The “Beyond Driving with Dignity” program also provides an excellent array of services and resources for both families and professionals as they deal with this very sensitive issue. Matt serves as Senior Care Authority’s Program Director for the “Beyond Driving with Dignity” program. Senior Care Authority is now the nation’s exclusive provider of the “Beyond Driving with Dignity” program.