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Coffee Hour: Travel -Imagine, Plan and Go!

Join us on December 2nd for a conversation about travel and planning for the journey to wherever your heart leads you. It’s all about the memories! Learn about Cornucopia Journeys and their concierge travel services. Barbara Freedman and Anne Zimmerman will share their expertise in travel to European destinations, US destinations, mainly New England and the US East Coast, and Panama. They will share details about how they lead you through a personalized process of IMAGINE, PLAN, and GO! In the end, all you have to do is GO! Enjoy! Relax! And bring home a cornucopia of wonderful memories!

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About Cornucopia Journeys

Cornucopia Journeys helps you imagine your journey wherever your heart leads you. they plan the details of your trip, so you don’t even have to think about it. 

Barbara T. Freedman, Co-Owner & Manager, U.S. Operations
Barbara has lived in Georgia, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Boston, New York and New England and traveled to more than 20 countries. She has been informally arranging journeys for herself, her family, friends and co-workers for years. She now organizes trips for sophisticated travelers professionally. 

Anne F. Zimmerman, Co-Owner & Manager, European Operations
Anne ran away from the hectic life of New York City and the theater at the age of 42 and found herself in a 10th-century stone house on a mountaintop in Tuscany with a breathtaking panoramic view, and no electricity, no running water, and no easily passable road. It transformed her life. Anne fell in love with Italy not just by visiting the art and the churches and the cities – although they, too, are enthralling and have so much to offer – but by living the life. She now shares those transforming experiences with others to open their eyes, their minds and their hearts to different ways of life, not only in Tuscany but wherever their hearts lead them to explore.