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April 16, 2014

A Look at Kendal’s Values in Practice: Sharing

Spend a day with Kendal at Oberlin residents or Kendal at Home members, and you’ll see older adults leading activities, enjoying fellowship, and encouraging each other to grow and learn. You’ll see Kendal’s values in action: Caring for all people, and treating them as equals.

We believe in a philosophy that hasn’t changed in more than 400 years. The Religious Society of Friends, or Quakers, believes we should recognize “that of God in everyone.” Quakers believe in the equality of all people, as well as peace, simplicity, integrity, and community, through which our lives are enhanced by sharing with and caring for others.

Kendal believes it is our God-given purpose to be advocates for the vulnerable members of our society. We are all aging in a society that worships youth, so we have to be the voice of change. At Kendal, residents and members, board and staff strive to share our resources—our knowledge, time, and talents—for the benefit of those both inside and outside our community. We help shape policies and support legislation that protects older adults.

  • We participate in community organizations as often as possible in an effort to change public perception about aging.
  • Kendal actively explores collaboration with other nonprofits that share this mission, including LeadingAge, as well as state and local organizations.
  • We share best practices with other continuing care retirement communities, setting the industry standards. Our processes are accredited and reviewed by our peers.

Kendal is a place where you can expect to meet the best in every person. Residents and members continue to give their time and talent as volunteers. Our staff strives for continued education and growth, often using their leadership to guide other community organizations

Our charitable funds benefit residents, members, and staff and are maintained by the generosity of our donors, who also believe in the Quaker values of sharing with those in need. Sharing is a type of ministry that benefits both people involved. When we humble ourselves to share with others, we are seeking a life of greater simplicity, equality, justice, peace and stewardship, all principles that contribute to a better world.

To find out more about how Quaker ideals shape service for older adults at Kendal Northern Ohio, click here.

Quaker Ideals


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