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June 18, 2012

Driving Independently: New Auto Options Keep You in the Driver’s Seat

The Motor City is gearing up to help older drivers drive safely and hang onto their car keys—and their independence— longer. With Baby Boomers entering their 60s, one in four U.S. drivers is expected to be 65-plus by 2030. With the help of new technology and the creative application of current technology, Detroit automakers are turning out cars and auto accessories with specialized features designed to help older motorists stay behind the wheel safely and for as long as possible. When paired with individual efforts to maintain driver fitness, researchers believe that many drivers should be able to continue driving well into their later years.

Features for Safer Driving

Some new driver-safety and mobility options are only available in new car models, but a surprising number of features are available as after-market add-ons that can be installed on any vehicle. And keep in mind that, considering the trickle-down effect, features that debut in high-end models are generally available in most models within a few years. Here are some of the new auto safety options to watch for:

  • High-intensity headlights that increase clarity and length of visibility
  • Automatically-adjustable (also called “adaptive”) headlights that swivel to keep the pavement well-lit on curves and during turns
  • Cruise control that uses radar to sense other cars; new systems automatically adjust vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance between vehicles
  • GPS navigation systems that are a standard dashboard fixture
  • Onstar-like interactive customer service programs that will become the norm
  • Rearview sensors and cameras that allow people to see behind them without twisting their head or neck

Until then, if you need assistance with transportation or other day-to-day activities, contact Kendal at Home. We can help you live independently at home. 

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