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June 11, 2012

How America Is Rebranding Aging

As the Baby Boomer generation moves into its 50s and 60s, the transfer of economic power from younger to more mature consumers is causing a paradigm shift in the way U.S. businesses brand and market products and services. Exclusionary, age-based advertising that caters solely to young consumers is being replaced with value-based ads that resonate with the new mature majority. Corporate America and Madison Avenue are recalibrating branding campaigns to appeal to a multigenerational audience by tapping into the universal desires and needs that transcend age and drive purchasing decisions.

To assist businesses in switching gears, the International Council on Active Aging has launched several educational campaigns designed to banish the ageism perpetuated by current stereotypes, myths, misconceptions, and accepted (but erroneous) factoids about “old people.” The active Baby Boomer generation is proving to be the perfect vehicle for redefining society’'s views about growing older. 

Stopping Stereotypes

Vibrant, active, healthy, and engaged, boomers are breaking every stereotype our society has about mature adults and “the retirement years,” including the notion that age should dictate when you stop working. Many boomers plan to continue working well into their 70s (and beyond). Those who do choose to retire from their current profession view their new-found leisure time as an opportunity to pursue a new career or start a business or give back to society through active volunteering. 

An Exciting New Beginning

America’'s 50-plus majority does not view the senior years as an end, but as an exciting new beginning. To succeed, corporate America will have to embrace that new Zeitgeist. Kendal Northern Ohio is leading the way with programs that promote an active, independent lifestyle To learn more about each Kendal affiliate, contact us today. 


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