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September 25, 2012

Sally’s Story: Recovering the Right Way with Kendal at Home

Most people look forward to retirement to spend more time with their children, grandchildren, and friends or to pursue hobbies they didn’'t have time for before. Maybe they even make travel plans. But as we age, we may also face health and financial challenges that can derail our plans.

Take Sally, a Kendal at Home member. “I had open heart surgery in May and then suffered complications,” she says. “It was actually the caregiver who told me I was in trouble and that I needed medical help immediately. [They] got me back down to the clinic. I was then very open to advice. I was very, very weak and I could not do much on my own at all, so I was very dependent on my caregivers who came to the house and helped me with everything.”

Not everyone gets the second chance Sally was given. As a member of Kendal at Home, she not only had the advice and support of a personal care coordinator, but access to quality, professional providers that were able to help her every step of the way.

The Role of the Care Coordinator

Kendal at Home’s Care Coordinators are there to help you age successfully in your own home. Traditionally, Sally would have been on her own for making all of those decisions, such as choosing equipment, finding an agency, and dealing with strangers. “You can’'t put a cost factor to that,” Sally says. “I was in no state to handle that, and I think it would have been a horrendous task for our children.” Kendal at Home offers a lifetime care plan in your home so you never have to worry about accessing excellent care.

Planning for the Future

It is often better to plan for your future health care needs now when you’'re well, rather than to grasp at straws when you’'re in crisis. Sally learned first-hand how important it is to have a plan in place. As an independent and active person, she thought she could manage recovery well enough on her own. Still, Sally took the advice of her personal Care Coordinator and accepted some expert in-home assistance. Good thing, too, since post-surgical complications arose.

“I told Kendal some months later if it ever needed someone to speak for it, I would be happy to because I had experienced what it is you always think is going to be 'down the road,'” Sally says. “It wasn't down the road for me.

“None of us know the future. None of us know what is going to happen. Nobody knows what needs they are going to have,” Sally says. “I don’'t know what I would have done without Kendal.” 

To learn more about Kendal at Home or our affiliate, Kendal at Oberlin, contact us today. To meet the Care Coordinators of Kendal at Home, download this free guide


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