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Kendal Provides Lifetime Learning Opportunities

Posted by Lynne Giacobbe on July 18, 2012 at 10:31 AM

lifelong learning at kendalThe clock never stops on a mind eager to learn. No matter what your age, physical condition or educational background might be, you can take advantage of learning opportunities that enhance your life.

Just as physical activity fosters a stronger body, mental workouts deliver ongoing benefits. Research has concluded that older adults who stay cognitively active are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and more likely to retain a youthful brain.

A commitment to lifelong learning

The Kendal network of communities for older adults promotes an environment of lifelong learning. Kendal at Oberlin, for example, benefits from its proximity to Oberlin College. This mutual relationship brings residents, students and faculty together – fostering cross-generational friendships and delivering fresh learning opportunities for everyone.

The college-town atmosphere is one that Kendal residents and members can enjoy.

  • You may audit non-credit college courses at Oberlin College at no charge. Classes taught by current and retired faculty members are also available through Lorain County Community College’s Lifelong Learning program. Many of these take place on the Kendal campus.
  • The Oberlin College library is also open to all Oberlin residents
  • And with Cleveland, Ohio, a short drive away, even more learning opportunities in the arts await community members

Music lovers, in particular, find a welcoming home at Kendal at Oberlin. The Oberlin College Conservatory of Music is a great resource for Kendal residents and members, offering hundreds of recitals and performances throughout the academic year.

Learn more about our many events or contact us for more information about our community.

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