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July 19, 2012

Kendal at Home's Care Coordinators Help Maintain Independence

Independence is a key life goal at any age. When you reach your senior years, however, having the right amount of assistance can spell the difference between a challenged life and an active, more fulfilling one.

The key to independent living is having a personal plan. Kendal at Home combines the security of a retirement community with the independence of living in your own home. So if your home is where you want to stay, we can help.

A design for living

By working with your personal care coordinator, you can design the home-based lifestyle best for you.

As a Kendal at Home member, you receive an in-home safety and fitness assessment upon joining – an easy process that helps us create a regimen that meets your specific needs – as well as an individualized wellness plan specially designed to keep you physically healthy and mentally engaged.

Continuum of care

For many Kendal members, home is where comfort and security reside. We honor your wishes with the continuum of care service that evolves your personal care regimen as you age. Your personal care coordinator will assist you in identifying the in-home services that contribute to your well-being.

And true to our Quaker roots, we believe in the self-determination of every individual. Your personal care coordinator, for example, serves as advisor and advocate, but you ultimately make the decisions. To learn more about how we apply our Quaker beliefs to caring for older adults, download our free guide today.


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