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August 01, 2012

Don’t Leave Home without Uploading These Useful Health Apps

Whether you are planning to cruise Alaska’s inside passage, tour exotic Thailand or travel cross-country to visit your grandkids, managing chronic health conditions and coping with medical problems when you’re away from home can be challenging. Numerous useful mobile phone and tablet applications—or apps— are now available to help travelers manage medical conditions, find medical assistance, and even bridge the language barrier with foreign doctors.

Before leaving on your next trip, talk to your doctor about healthcare apps. Among those to consider downloading are:

  • Mayo Clinic symptom checker helps you decide when to seek medical help. The app allows you to tap into the clinic’s extensive online library to obtain information about countless medical conditions and diseases, including typical symptoms and recommended treatments.
  • iTriage provides access and turn-by-turn directions to a nationwide directory of medical facilities and pharmacies. For international travelers, Emergency Medical Center Locator provides information and directions to medical facilities in 101 countries.
  • Universal Doctor Speaker can be a godsend if you find yourself in need of medical help in a foreign country. When you select a language, a list of critical medical questions and phrases is provided.
  • Glucose Buddy, GluCoMo, Diabetes Manager, and WaveSense provide diabetes management tools.
  • RxmindMe Prescription/Medicine Reminder and Pill Tracker offer helpful medication reminders.
  • Epocrates identifies prescription drugs based on color, shape and markings. 

Access to a robust online care community is one of the many advantages of membership in Kendal at Home. Contact us to find out how our “continuing care without walls” can benefit you.

Photo: Josh Bancroft


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