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August 02, 2012

Living Independently: How to Take the ‘Work’ Out of Your Workout

We know exercise benefits our physical, mental and emotional health, but knowing exercise is good for you may not make it any easier to get off the couch! If you’'re one of the many people who wish their daily workout was less “work,” take heart. Experts say short workouts can be just as effective at maintaining good health as major sweat-a-thons: Any activity that increases your heart rate to 20 beats above its resting rate will do your body good.

While the general rule of thumb is 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity three to five days a week, the activity doesn’'t have to be continuous to be beneficial. Experts say two 10- or 15-minute spurts of activity are nearly as beneficial. In fact, if you haven’'t been particularly active, fitness experts recommend starting slowly and increasing exercise time gradually. Easing into a new fitness routine gradually promotes early success, which encourages you to keep going. 

Spice Up a Workout

Finding ways to take the “work” out of workout can make exercise more appealing. Take your mind off exercising by tuning in your favorite TV show while you exercise. Use video games like Wii boxing or bowling to spice up your fitness routine. Challenge yourself to walk more by counting steps with a pedometer. Think outside the box. Exercise doesn’'t just happen at the gym. Go dancing, do a little gardening, take a walk in the woods or squeeze in an extra game of golf. Sign up for a water aerobics or tai chi class.

Exercising at Kendal

Kendal at Oberlin offers residents many fun ways to increase physical exercise. Fitness classes are designed to meet the needs of older adults and are offered at no charge to residents and Kendal at Home members. Members of the local community can also participate for a reasonable fee. Contact us for more details. 

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