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August 10, 2012

Volunteering: A Way of Life for Older Adults

There is a common thread running through residents and staff members at Kendal at Oberlin: volunteerism. It is believed that the surrounding community can be (and is) a better place because of the accomplishments achieved when people come together to work toward the greater good. Residents, staff, and the Board of Directors offer up their time, money, and facilities and are involved with more than 80 different nonprofit agencies in Lorain County and other areas of Ohio and the world.

Local groups that benefit from the generosity of Kendal residents and staff are: Oberlin City Schools, Oberlin Heritage Center, Oberlin Little Theater, Allen Community Hospital, Firelands Association for the Visual Arts, Hot Meals, and Second Harvest Food Bank, plus many more.

Find out more about the Volunteers of Kendal at Oberlin by watching this video:

“Our residents have given over 40,000 volunteer hours.” —John

“Beyond volunteering at Kendal, a lot of the residents and staff are involved in the community.” —Don

“We moved here from Athens, Ohio, another college town, but we wanted a smaller college town and we wanted lots of culture, which we certainly get here in Oberlin.” — Janet

“The range of activities that we have developed for our residents, to meet their needs and interests, is really pretty spectacular.” —John

“Some are involved with Oberlin College as volunteers, at one place or another.” —Don

“I also read with children at Eastwood School, which is about a mile away in town. They are second graders and they read to me most of the time. They give me the joy of little people who don’'t have rules; they just love life.” —Marie

To learn more about Kendal at Oberlin, schedule a free tour today. To learn more about our affiliate Kendal at Home, which also boasts many volunteers, contact us now


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