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August 31, 2012

Aging Photos: Preserving Family Memories & Organizing Photo Books

Most of us have boxes and drawers full of family photos and vacation snaps that, despite our best intentions, have never made it into scrapbooks. Digital cameras and smartphones have only made the problem worse. Now we have hundreds of images waiting to be downloaded, lurking in email attachments, or plunked into computer files that will never see a printer if we don’'t get organized. 

The Importance of Photo Memories

Those dusty stacks of glossy prints and pixilated files are our memories, our family history, our legacy to our children and grandchildren. If we don’'t identify, date, and describe that photographic history, much of it will be lost. The next generation simply won’'t know who those smiling faces are gathered around the picnic table at the lake all those years ago. With each passing generation, a little bit of family history is lost because there’'s no one left to tell it. Getting your aging photos or digital picture files organized preserves that history for the next generation. 

So How Do You Do It? Stay Tuned…

Take a deep breath. Maybe you’'ve been promising to get to this since your second child was born! It’s time to stop procrastinating and get busy. Follow our tips and you’'ll never again spend hours (days?) hunting for your son’'s first birthday photo or your daughter’'s high school graduation photo to share with your grandkids. 

In our next post, we'’ll address digital and printed photo organization separately, but you can work on both projects simultaneously. Enlisting your children or grandchildren to help out provides a great opportunity to share family stories and start passing family history on to the next generation. 

Don’'t miss our next post about organizing your printed photos!

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Photo by Cliff Dix.


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