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September 05, 2012

Tips for Organizing Your Family Photos

Getting in the habit of downloading and storing digital photos once a month and after every big event will make organizing your digital photos a snap.

But if you'’ve built up a backlog of digital files that haven'’t been downloaded, labeled and stored, it may take a little time to get organized. 

To keep from feeling overwhelmed, set aside 30 minutes or so each day to work on the project; your digital photos will be organized in no time! Here are some tips for organizing your family photos:

  1. Upload photos to your computer, external drive or an online site such as Flickr, Picasa or SmugMug. Online sites offer some advantages such as easy photo sharing with friends and scrapbook creation. Storing photos online also frees up computer memory.
  2. As you upload photos, print the ones you want to display or scrapbook (or place in a separate file for use in creating a digital scrapbook) and delete blurry, duplicate or unflattering shots. You'’ll save time next time you upload and print photos if you get in the habit of deleting bad shots immediately as you'’re snapping pictures.
  3. Labeling files by date and event as you upload will make it easier to find pictures later. Creating subfolders that further organize digital files into specific groups will make it even easier to find photos.
  4. Once you'’ve printed your favorite photos and organized photos into folders, archive digital photos on CDs or DVDs. Storing photo disks in corrosion-protected pocket pages can increase disk longevity by 40 to 120 years. 

To make photo organization more fun, consider joining or starting a scrapbooking group. 

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