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September 20, 2012

More Tips for Mature Adults to Adopt New Habits Successfully

Changing eating and exercise habits can be an enormous task. Intellectually, you may know you’'ll live a healthier, more enjoyable life if you change your ways; but climbing out of your La-Z-Boy® to put in an hour sweating at the gym or walking past the dessert table without snagging a slice of chocolate cake is an emotional battle. However, with the right attitude, time, and perseverance, you can succeed. 

Today, we offer a few more tips to guide you on the road to success: 

  • Forgive yourself when you backslide. To err is human. Don’'t bury yourself in useless recriminations. Forgive yourself and move forward. And don’'t wait until tomorrow or next week to start fresh. Why give one small lapse a chance to snowball out of control? When you stumble, start where you left off – immediately!
  • Put it in writing. It’s a psychological trick, but writing down your goals makes them seem more real, more obtainable. If you’'re changing your eating habits, write down everything you eat. Writing it down makes you more aware of what you put in your mouth. If your goal is to walk 15 minutes a day, write it on your daily calendar or to-do list. You’'re more likely to accomplish something that is a regular daily activity than an “extra” you have to work in – and you’'ll feel great when you check it off your list!
  • Keep your self talk positive. Start sentences with “I can” and “I did.”
  • Enlist a cheering section. Share your goals with friends and family. A hard road is easier to travel when you’'re not alone. 

Implementing these tips into your daily routines can help you accomplish your goals with great success! And if storing a bunch of old knick-knacks, unrecognizable souvenirs and unusable gear happens to be your bad habit, download our free guide, “Top 10 Downsizing Survival Tips” to help you get back on track!

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