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October 04, 2012

Senior People Interested in Nutrition and Community Health

In 2004, a handful of Kendal at Oberlin residents discovered that they shared an interest in nutrition and how it affected their health. After the first “Healthy Eaters” dinner held in the Private Dining Room, the group decided that they should meet monthly to informally discuss ideas, new nutritional information, tips for healthy eating, and recipes.

The group, now called SPINACH (Senior People Interested in Nutrition and Community Health), continues to meet on the fourth Wednesday of each (non-summer) month in the Private Dining Room. Any resident with an interest in nutrition or food is invited to join. Whether you call it a committee or an interest group, these residents are making a difference in their diets, their health, and their lives.

“I work with the group called SPINACH, we are called SPINACH because it is an acronym for Senior People Interested in Nutrition And Community Health. It is kind of a mouthful so SPINACH is better.

“We are not a committee; we are an interest group of people who are very interested in nutrition. Many of us have grown up interested in nutrition. Some of us are nutritionist, so there is a common thread that runs through this group.” —Ruth

“My background is in foods and nutrition, and so I very quickly got involved in the food committee and anything involved with food. And certainly that means SPINACH.

It’s important for those of us on the food committee to be involved because we are probably the largest committee of the 84 committees here at Kendal and we talk about the various aspects of food.” —Janet

“Another local program we have done is with the local high school. They have a marvelous home economics teacher, and one of her students has done a lot concerning nutrition and food and how people who need food here in the Oberlin area and vicinity have been helped by the many organizations. And so we feel we are becoming more informed, and we have a very good group who helps and presents the program together.” —Ruth

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