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February 11, 2013

Living Independently: How to Tackle Clutter when Selling Your Home

Making repairs and dealing with years of accumulated clutter are the two biggest challenges that face a home owner when it comes time to sell the family home. In our last blog, we offered tips on handling home repairs. Today, we tackle clutter

After years of living in a home, raising a family, and seeing them move into adulthood, most people are surprised by the incredible amount of “stuff” they have managed to collect. As long as they have plenty of storage space, most people put off dealing with all that accumulated clutter until they decide to sell their home. 

The need to clear out a lifetime of saved “treasures” can seem daunting when you decide to move, but it must be done. Houses look more spacious and sell faster (and often for a better price) when they’'re not crowded with possessions. So well before you move, roll up your sleeves and start separating the treasures from the trash. 

Top Tips to Remove Clutter 

  • This is the ideal time to pass down to your children and other family members pieces of furniture, family heirlooms, paintings, photographs, and any collectibles you don’t plan to move into your new space.
  • To keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed, tackle one room at a time. Have ready a box for items you plan to move with you, a box for donations, and two sturdy plastic garbage bags; one for trash and one for recyclables. As each box or bag is filled, label and seal it, and carry it to the garage for proper disposal.
  • Before starting to show your home, arrange for donations to be picked up by your favorite charity. Leave boxes that go with you to your new home stacked in the garage ready for the moving van. 

We hope these basic tips help, but remember to check back next time for even more tips for de-cluttering! 

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