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March 01, 2013

Biking Helps Older Adults Remain Active

By John Pickens
Many people exploring retirement communities are doing so from home communities where biking requires driving long distances, and intricate drop-offs and pick-ups are the norm. This is not the case in Oberlin, Ohio, where the Kendal continuing care retirement community is only four-tenths of a mile from an extensive county-wide network of rural bike paths. 

Oberlin Offers Endless Options for Bikers 

In the last decade, Oberlin has become a popular entry point for this network with bikers parking their cars in free lots, gathering, eating at Oberlin’s restaurants, and biking in all directions. There is a local bikers club and many biker clubs visit the town. It is easy to understand these developments with 2,700 Oberlin College students on a campus with more than 150 years of in Oberlin and campus transportation for most of that time dominated by bicycle travel.

Benefits of Biking

According to Discovery News, the Top 7 health benefits of cycling are:

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness and a lowered risk of coronary heart disease
  • Toned muscles, especially on the lower half of the body, including calves, thighs, and buttock s—it’s also a great low-impact exercise for those with joint conditions
  • Reduced weight gain and increased metabolism
  • Increased life longevity
  • Improved coordination
  • Increased mental health
  • Strengthened immune system and protection against certain cancers

For maps of Lorain County, check out the Visit Lorain County website, and for bike routes, visit the Back Roads and Beaches site. To learn other ways you can remain active, download our free guide, “Remaining Active: How to Begin a Regular Exercise Routine


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