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March 13, 2013

Remaining Active: How Older Adults Continue Work in Retirement

By John Picken
Many of us older adults want to continue our work or careers even during retirement. This is especially (but not exclusively) true for those in creative professions. Kendal at Oberlin is a wonderful environment in which to achieve this goal. The autonomy that is life at Kendal combined with freedom from hum-drum diversions of maintaining property, pursuing errands, cooking and cleaning, and many other parts of daily life before retirement, are diminished or even absent.

For those who want to work while living in the security of a life-care-contract that removes concerns about the future, the result is more time and more ability to focus on what they are truly passionate about.

Here we take a look at a few of the options Kendal at Oberlin offers for continuing your passion:

No matter what you need to continue your work, the fine folks at Kendal will help make it happen. To learn more about Kendal at Oberlin, schedule a tour today.


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