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April 17, 2013

Blogging Tips for Older Adults from Reverend Katie Norris

More than three years ago, Katie Norris (known as Reverend Katie online) moved from Chicago with her husband and son into her childhood home to help care for her mother who had been diagnosed with dementia. Shortly thereafter, she created Moving In With Dementia, a personal blog about her and her family’'s experiences with the progressive disease.

“It takes a large community of people to care for those with dementia,” Reverend Katie says. “That’s the point of the blog – to reach out to people. When you go see a doctor, you learn the nuts and bolts of the disease. I share the everyday quirks of it.”

Blogging can be a fun way for anyone to share his or her everyday experiences, opinions, or topic expertise with the world. Have you ever considered blogging as a hobby? The following tips from Reverend Katie can help you get started!

Ask for Permission: If you decide to write about another person, as Reverend Katie does, always ask permission before beginning your blog— especially if you plan to use the individual's name and/or share photos of the individual.

Establish Goals: Before beginning your blog, ask yourself what it is you want to achieve. “Really think about what is your outreach goal,” Reverend Katie says. “Ask, ‘Why am I doing this?’ and ‘How do I want to help other people?’” Once you’ve answered those questions, create specific goals that are measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.

Find Your Voice: Blogging differs from traditional newspaper articles in that it usually includes personal pronouns and strong opinions. Think carefully about how you’d like to come across to potential readers then create a list of adjectives describing your “voice.” For example, in her blog, Reverend Katie is open, friendly, and sincere. You may find your voice is much more serious and instructive than Reverend Katie’s, and that’s OK! There is no incorrect voice when it comes to blogging.

Create a Facebook Page: Facebook isn’'t just for connecting with family and friends anymore! Bloggers can create Facebook Pages to easily market themselves to potential readers. Reverend Katie says her Facebook posts often receive more comments and shares than her blog posts. Facebook Pages are free to set up, and it only takes a few minutes to get started! Visit here for more information.

Don’'t Get Discouraged: Sometimes a blogger’'s first post can receive traffic and comments, while other times, it takes a considerable amount of time to build a following. No matter what the case is for you, Reverend Katie says to keep your blog going if you find it enjoyable. “Don’'t get discouraged if you don’'t get a lot of comments,” she says. 

You can see blogging in action by visiting Reverend Katie’s blog, Moving in With Dementia, or subscribing to the Kendal Northern Ohio blog here. 

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