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May 09, 2013

Get Moving! Fun Activities for Grandparents to Do With Their Grandchildren

If you’'re trying to lose or maintain your weight, family gatherings can be a serious challenge. Family time often centers around food – big Sunday brunches or dinners, outings to get ice cream, or chowing down on popcorn at the movies. With holidays and birthdays in the mix, it can be near impossible not to bust your diet.

You can fight the urge to indulge, or you can outsmart it. Try planning some family-friendly activities to get everyone on the move. Instead of family time being the source of temptation, it can be a fun way for you and your grandchild to get some exercise. Your positive influence can help guide your grandchildren on the path to healthy living early in life, just as their youthful energy can encourage you to get and stay active.

Here are some suggestions on how you can make hours with your grandchildren healthier for everyone.


You might have a hard time convincing your grandchildren to come with you to the country club, but mini-golf is fun for everyone! With bright-colored golf balls and windmill hazards, you and your grandkids can have a good time and get some fresh air.

Bonus: You can work on your putting game.

Take a Trip to the Park, Zoo, or Museum

Children love to see animals and dinosaur bones. They won’'t even notice how much walking you are doing by tromping around the zoo or natural history museum. Just beware the snack bar. If you get some refreshments, opt for water or a low-calorie sports drinks and a light snack everyone can share, like peanuts or apple slices.

Even better: Stash some healthy snacks in the car or your knapsack.

Involve the Kids in Your Active Hobby

What’s your favorite activity that gets you out and about? Are you an avid fisherman, champion bowler, or tennis fan? Take some time to teach your grandchildren all the tricks of the trade. They’ll treasure learning a new skill from their grandma or grandpa, and you’ll expend plenty of energy on each lesson.

Volunteer Your Time

What better way to get active than by improving your community? Take your grandchildren to volunteer opportunities, like gardening or picking up litter at a local park, taking shelter dogs for walks, or sorting canned food at the food pantry.

Bonus: You’ll be teaching your grandchildren a valuable lesson about community service.

There are lots of way to keep you (and your family) in good health as you grow older. Read more about staying healthy on our blog.

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