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September 16, 2013

Retirement Living: 4 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy During Indian Summer

Indian summer is arguably one of the most enjoyable times of the year. It’'s still warm outside but without the oppressive heat of summer or the chill of fall. That makes Indian summer an ideal time to get outside. Older adults can enjoy outdoor activities and exercise that aren’'t possible in less ideal weather. We take a look at a few ways to embrace the season here.

Clean Up Your Garden

Take advantage of the warm weather before the first frost by tidying up your garden. Clear away dead leaves and summer annuals that are no longer in bloom. You could even consider planting some hearty fall flowers like mums to enjoy through October. Don’'t forget to also plant flower bulbs like tulips and daffodils that will bloom next spring. Many older adults find gardening to be fun, and all that digging and weeding keeps your body strong and active.

Enjoy The Colors

It’'s not just the weather that’s beautiful in early fall. Nature lights up with glorious autumn colors, too. You can enjoy them by traveling to a nearby park or nature preserve for a hike or bike ride. You won’'t even notice how much beneficial exercise you’'re getting while you’'re taking in the wonders of nature. If you plan to be hiking or biking for several hours, remember to pack water and a healthy snack. Good options include trail mix, granola, or peanut butter and apple slices.

Join The Harvest

Many local farms offer a chance to pick your own produce, like apples or pumpkins, beginning in late summer and early fall. You can take a fun trip to the farm with your grandchildren, or make it a relaxing afternoon just for you. Farmer’s markets and seasonal festivals also offer fresh produce. Once you’'ve stocked up, make the most of your bounty by cooking up healthy baked breads, casseroles, or desserts. You can also spend an afternoon canning or pickling fruits and veggies, or preparing them for the freezer. That way you can enjoy the healthy and nutritious bounty long into winter.

Have A Special Day Out With Your Grandchildren

Indian summer is a great time of year for activities with your grandchildren. Corn mazes and family friendly haunted houses can be fun ways to get outdoors with little ones. Zoos and amusements parks are often less crowded in early fall than in summer months and are often more enjoyable in fair weather. You’ll do plenty of walking during a day out, so don’'t spoil the health benefits of the adventure with junk food. Packing a healthy lunch in a cooler is better for you, easier on your wallet, and can set a good example for your grandchildren.

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