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December 12, 2013

Easy Ways for Older Adults to Put Up & Take Down Holiday Decorations

Decorating your home can make the holiday season a little more festive and special than the rest of the year. For many older adults, decorations hold a lifetime of memories. But, the task of decorating can be a little cumbersome, especially if you have a large collection of holiday knickknacks. You can make the task of decorating this holiday season a little easier with these tips:

Stay Within Reach

If decorating for the holidays means teetering on a ladder, you may want to rethink your plan. An easier way to decorate is to only go within an arm’s reach. Instead of a garland over your doorframe, opt for an elegant centerpiece for your fireplace mantel or your dining table. Add sweet holiday touches to end tables, and put a festive wreath on your door. Keeping your feet on the ground is a good way to prevent a fall that has the potential to ruin your holiday.

Keep It Simple

The more decorations you put up, the more that need to come down after the holidays. You don’t need to decorate every nook and cranny to feel the holiday spirit. Keep it simple this season by adding a few carefully chosen touches to your home. Pick your most meaningful ornaments and decorations to display, and place them at focal points in the house. Also, don’t forget the smells of the season. Adding some fresh pine garland, holly, or cinnamon sticks to your display is an easy way to make your home smell merry and bright.

Have a Decorating PartyIf you just can’t imagine the holidays without a full-blown display of lights and decorations, call in the troops. Ask your children, grandchildren, and close friends to join you for a holiday decorating party. This can be a fun way to bond with loved ones around the holidays. Just don’t forget to enlist some additional help when it comes time to take the decorations down. More hands adding to the effort will keep holiday decorating from becoming a weeks-long chore.

Simplify Your Storage

When it comes time to take your holiday decorations down, it’s worth thinking about how you’ll store them. If you can, avoid stashing decorations in hard to reach places, like an attic or a poorly lit basement. Instead, store your decorations in a cupboard or closet using a labeled box or plastic bin. This way, they’ll be easily accessible for next year’s festivities.

Are some of your holiday decorations getting a bit shabby? Consider retiring them. Check out our free guide “Top 10 Downsizing Survival Tips” to help you decide which decorations should stay and which should go.

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