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December 20, 2013

Gifting Family Treasures this Holiday Season

It’s an age-old question: What in the world do you give the loved ones for Christmas? You could make the holiday special this year by passing on family heirlooms to your children and grandchildren. Giving the gift of family valuables can show them you care, while giving you the opportunity to share some history.

Here, we take a look at a few reasons you might want to consider giving the gift of a family heirloom this holiday season:

Safe Keeping

Before you pass on an heirloom, think about which of your family members the item should go to. Try to choose a person who will appreciate the heirloom and who will take care of it for future generations. Consider any attachments family members might have to particular items, like a piece of vintage jewelry with your daughter’s birthstone or childhood memories you son might have of his father’s signed baseball collectables. Being thoughtful about who will truly treasure a family heirloom will help ensure it’ll be keep safe and in the family.

Tell the Story

Giving a family heirloom at Christmas time also opens the door to share family stories surrounding the item. Giving an heirloom a historical context can make it even more special for the loved one who receives it. After all, a war medal or a stack of yellowed letters might not have special meaning to a grandchild until you explain the family and historical significance. These stories, and the heirlooms that go along with them, can create a bond between the past and the future of your family.

Simplify Your Life

It might be hard to part with some heirlooms, but sharing them can take the burden off of you to care for and store important family items. Many adults try to rightsize as they get older to simply their lifestyles. Passing on family heirlooms can be part of the process. As you find the right homes for family treasures, it may empower you to slim down collections of less important things that are cluttering your closets.

Thinking of gifting a family heirloom this holiday season? Download the free guide “Top 10 Downsizing Survival Tips” to help you determine what’s worth gifting and what’s better for donating.

Downsizing Survival Tips


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