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January 08, 2014

Start the New Year Right by Enrolling in Lifelong Learning

The New Year is here, and you’ve already begun putting into motion the resolutions you made to improve your health and happiness in 2014. But it’s important not to forget about the goals you were working toward before the clock struck midnight. Goals like keeping your mind sharp. 

There are many ways older adults can boost brain power, including engaging in new aerobic exercises, seeking new experiences, and even eating certain foods. But as recent research shows, one of the most effective ways to help your brain stay in shape is lifelong learning.

Located near Oberlin College, Kendal at Oberlin residents can audit classes at the college or enroll in classes and opportunities through the Center for Lifelong Learning, which is affiliated with Lorain County Community College, Oberlin College and the Elderhostel Institute Network. Here, we discuss why older adults should consider enrolling in lifelong learning, as well as how and when they should do so:

Why Enroll in Lifelong Learning?

Studies have shown mental stimulation later in life benefits your physical wellbeing. By enrolling in a lifelong learning course, you challenge both your brain and body to understand new concepts and ideas. Plus, taking classes through the Center for Lifelong Learning is an excellent opportunity to meet and socialize with fellow Kendal at Oberlin residents and community members. Some lifelong learning courses have attracted as many as 80 people

When is the Best Time to Enroll in Lifelong Learning?

With the New Year’s arrival comes a new schedule of classes. Courses offered through the Center of Lifelong Learning range from a few weeks to several months, and many begin as early as January 23. Older adults interested in registering can do so up to the first day of the class (with some exceptions) by mail, phone, fax, or in person, but are encouraged to register as soon as possible. Enroll with friends or with an expectation of meeting new acquaintances to share the back-to-school experience! 

Time for a Change

It can be difficult to break away from your daily routine, but that routine can ultimately be detrimental to your brain health. Change is our only constant; by embracing these exciting opportunities to learn and meet new people, you can pursue a more vibrant, healthy lifestyle. Lifelong Learning is a chance to mix things up and learn something new, insightful and applicable.

 To read more about the Center for Lifelong Learning, click here. To see current 2014 class options, click here.

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