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February 18, 2014

5 Fun Ways to Pass the Time When You're Stuck Inside

listen-to-musicIt can be a nice change of pace to kick up your feet and have a relaxing day indoors. During the winter when wind chills are dangerously cold, however, that day can turn into days (or even weeks!), making the experience much less enjoyable. For those dealing with cold, snow, and ice, the key to defeating cabin fever is to find new ways to stay entertained.

Here, we discuss five ways to shake off the boredom of being indoors this winter:

  1. Browse the App Store: Have you been meaning to check out the latest apps, but haven’t had the time? Here’s your opportunity! If you want to be even more productive, do a quick search online for apps that would likely interest you.
  2. Listen to Music: Days spent inside are perfect opportunities to relax and unwind with music. Create a winter playlist featuring your favorite music on Spotify or iTunes. You can also use both of these programs to discover new artists based on artists or genres you’ve listened to in the past. 
  3. Test New Recipes: When was the last time you took a good, hard look at the items in your kitchen cabinets? Use this opportunity to clean out the cupboards and make something delicious in one fell swoop! Turn to Pinterest for a little culinary inspiration, or tune into The Food Network or the Cooking Channel to discover new recipes from your favorite chefs.
  4. Exercise: Moving exercise indoors is a surefire way to keeping up with your regular exercise routine when it’s cold outside. Move your body to exercise DVDs or tune into Youtube and work up a sweat. You can also exercise using your Wii system to burn calories and have fun at the same time.
  5. Catch Up with a Friend: Do have a friend you’ve been meaning to call, but you’ve just been too busy? Now’s the time to pick up your phone and say ‘hello.’ You can also catch up via Skype or Facetime. Or surprise him or her by sending a handwritten letter through the mail.
  6. Have an Indoor Picnic: No matter how cold it is outside, pretending the weather is fine is easy with an indoor picnic! Turn on the fireplace and make a spread of small appetizers. Don’t forget to serve the delicious new treat you whipped up earlier in the day to celebrate the magic you’ve created while indoors! 

When the plummeting winter temperatures and snow keep you inside, don’t sweat it! With an open mind and a little imagination, you can create a world of fun and possibilities indoors. For tips on aging successfully in your home, download our free guide today!

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