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November 11, 2014

Boost Brain Health By Spicing Up Your Diet

You’ve probably heard theories on how completing the Sunday crossword puzzle can maintain cognitive function or even how using social media can improve your memory. But did you know certain foods help boost your brain health?  

We’ve previously written about these foods and these foods that can help improve brain health, but today we’re going to take a slightly different spin on things. You can double up on your brain boosting power by adding certain herbs and spices to your cooking.  

Next time you’re shopping the spice aisle or perusing the fresh herbs, consider adding these three brain-boosting spices to your grocery cart.  


Some studies have shown the active compounds in sage can help increase cognitive performance. In two studies that specifically looked at how consuming sage affected patients with Alzheimer’s, it actually appeared to decrease some of the effects of the disease. Not sure how to cook with sage? Check out this list of 45 Things to Do With Fresh Sage.  


Alzheimer’s is less prevalent in countries that consistently cook with curries like India. Turmeric is a main ingredient in curry powder, and research has shown consuming turmeric can improve the overall memory of patients with Alzheimer’s. Though many people find Indian cooking intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Check out this list of simple curries from The Food Network.  


Your body metabolizes cinnamon into sodium benzoate, which stimulates the process for maintaining the health of brain neurons and can even encourage the growth of new neurons. This can help improve memory and might even prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. Though cinnamon is often included in baked goods, you can skip the extra sugar by adding a sprinkle to your morning coffee or topping off a baked sweet potato.  

Feel free to share some of your favorite brain boosting recipes including sage, curries, and cinnamon in the comments section below. For more tips on feeding your body right, download our guide on your changing nutritional needs after 50.



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