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December 03, 2014

How Older Adults Can Spread Happiness This Holiday Season

Despite being nicknamed the “most wonderful time of the year,” the holiday season isn’t always merry for everyone. With numerous occasions to coordinate, it’s easy to  get caught up in the stress of gift giving and party planning. And, for many older  adults living at home, the holidays can be a sad and isolating time. However, rather than falling victim to a case of the bah-humbugs, try spreading some extra holiday cheer this holiday season.

Spreading happiness is a great opportunity for multitasking – not only will you  cheer up the recipient of your action, but you’ll probably find that your own spirits will be lifted as well. In case you need a little motivation, we’ve put together a list of the best ways to share your happiness this holiday season. 

Go Caroling 

Sharing a holiday song is a great way to inspire happiness in others and bring a little  cheer to the season. Go door-to-door in your neighborhood or bring a group to a  hospital or retirement community to brighten up the residents’ day. Be prepared to take song requests! 


Giving back helps your community with the added benefit of making you feel  good about the work you’re doing. Find a charitable cause that you believe in and donate  some of your time this holiday season. Your selfless effort will inspire others to do the same. 

Throw a Holiday Party

‘Tis the season!” Planning a gathering for your friends or family allows you to spend  time with those you care about while spreading happiness. Consider a fun holiday theme that allows your guests to blow off some steam or arrange  a gift exchange to help people get into the spirit. 

Send Holiday Cards

Traditional mail is rapidly being replaced by less personal versions, like emails or  text messages. This holiday season, let your loved ones know you’re thinking of  them by sending out a traditional holiday card. 

Practice a Random Act of Kindness

Small gestures can do wonders when it comes to brightening someone’s day, and the  holidays are a great time to practice random acts of kindness. Consider slipping a  few extra coins into a parking meter that might be running low on time or buy a  coffee for the car in line behind you at the drive thru. Though these simple acts  might seem small in the moment, they can make a big difference or even set off a  chain reaction.  

Remember, what you do to spread happiness isn’t important – it’s merely taking  action that brings the holiday spirit to life. Now it’s your turn: tell us your favorite  ways to spread holiday cheer in the comments section below. 

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