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November 20, 2014

Kendal at Home Members Test Balance at Healthy Aging Day [VIDEO]

Unless you’re an athlete or dancer, improving your balance isn’t something you think about often. But as we become older, taking steps to maintain or improve balance can be the difference between an independent life and a dependent one.

Most people have a general idea if they have good balance or if they have balance problems. But few know if their balance problems are likely to cause a fall. That’s where tests like the modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance (mCTSIB) come in.

A simplified derivative of the Sensory Organization Test (or the “Foam and Dome” test), the mCTSIB analyzes an individual’s functional balance control to quantify postural sway velocity during four sensory conditions:

  • Eyes open firm surface
  • Eyes closed firm surface
  • Eyes open unstable surface
  • Eyes closed unstable surface

At a recent Healthy Aging Day, Kendal at Home members had the opportunity to undergo this test to establish if they have a balance issue and to provide information required to support further assessments.

In this video, we learn more about the mCTSIB and join Kendal at Home members Andrew and Dorrit Kazmir as they share their impressions of the test as well as their results. 


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