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February 02, 2016

Meet the Team: New Kendal Corporation CEO Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly believes in transforming the experience of aging. As the new President-Elect and CEO of Kendal Corporation, Sean recently stopped in Westlake to get to know some of the members of Kendal at Home and hear their thoughts about the program and how he and Kendal can help make aging in place even more enjoyable.

Here is a brief look at some of that question-and-answer session featuring Sean and Kendal at Home Executive Director Lynne Giacobbe.

How are plans going for expanding this aging-in-place model to other parts of the country?

Sean Kelly: The planning is going great. Lynne has led the planning process and gotten the energy from her board—and you all, frankly—that has enabled this to move probably faster than it otherwise would have.

But we're not the only ones who have figured that the whole idea exists. Other organizations around the country are popping up. And frankly, we're training some of them. That's a good thing. It is going slower than any of us would like, but it is going. I would expect that by this time next year we're going to be well into a couple of new markets, and positioning ourselves for greater degrees of growth.

The relationship members build with their care coordinator is very important. So when the time comes that they need it, they have it. 

Lynne Giacobbe: That's part of the strategy behind reassigning case files. As you all know, the big change is going to be the care coordinators. Mary Jo Dziak has just come in as the Director of Care Coordination. Her responsibility is to be able to help manage some of the more challenging cases. She's an RN with a lot of experience. So when we have a lot of really complex cases, she's consulting. So you have not just your care coordinator, but also the director of care coordination, working as a team with you to help overcome some of those challenges. We will be hiring a fourth care coordinator to work with our director and the rest of the team in 2016. As we introduce the private-duty home care, along with additional services, we'll have an array of services available to members.

Services are provided for us around the United States. If we happen to be down in Florida and need some service and we contact our care coordinator, what can she do? She can call and make arrangements. But the person who is giving us the service doesn't have the background with us. I'm wondering, are they sharing some of our information that will help the people providing the services?

Lynne Giacobbe: We know that we've had seven calls with members since Sept. 1. That's incredibly high. So that gives us the direction to implement the Healthy Aging Initiative. And now we're implementing some additional programs that you'll be hearing about to address falls. Because, obviously, that's the greatest cause for a need for care—hospitalizations and trying to prevent those. We’ve also done some programs about sleep disturbances. We know how many people are taking sleep aids because I can run a report on our software that tells me how many people have sleep issues, how many people have had falls, how many people are on high blood pressure medication, how many people have COPD. So then we can begin to provide intervention in those areas and bring resources in and develop programming around it.

Sean Kelly: I think there's a lot of cross-communication that goes on between our care coordinators and members. But it's so important that gets shared so there are teams of people that have a level of awareness or context so that when something goes wrong, we’re ready.

Learn more about Sean Kelly in this video: 

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