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March 25, 2015

Meet the Care Coordinator Team: Joanne Cornell

Joanne Cornell knows the importance of one-on-one care. The former massage therapist discovered this first-hand when she helped care for her mother using massage therapy techniques, years ago.

“All I could do was touch her, and rub her legs and rub her back, and try to comfort her in any way possible,” she explained. “Through that experience, when she got out of the hospital, she said, ‘You know what? I don't know what I would have done if you didn't do that.’ That was very heartfelt, and it made a difference for me.”

Having worked in healthcare for more than 25 years, Joanne has performed a variety of tasks ranging from administrative work, to wellness supervision, to working in rehab services. She took  time off to raise her two children — now grown — then went back to school to get certified in neuromuscular massage therapy, which she found could really make a difference in the way people are cared for.

A Unique Perspective

The care coordinator position brings together all of Joanne’s previous experience, which allows her to know the ins and outs of caring for older adults.

“Working in rehab, working in massage, working even with my mom's experience [allowed me to see] there's sometimes a disconnect; there's something missing between people going to the doctor's and getting what they need, and [then] going home and trying to manage their own health,” she said.

“Knowing that [Kendal at Home is] filling that need, giving assistance where it's needed, being that reassurance that we can get people to the next step, is what really brought me to Kendal at Home.”

The opportunity to work with people and make a difference is also a driving force in her work.

“...Sometimes things can be overwhelming,” she said. “Being able to give that [help] and be that person to help them through, I just enjoy being able to make that difference.”

Drawn to Kendal at Home’s Mission

After working in various hospitals and other healthcare settings, Joanne found herself drawn to Kendal at Home because of the program’s unique mission, and the passion the staff has for helping older adults live their best lives.

“They're very warm and compassionate people,” she said of her fellow care coordinators. “And the fact that we are making a difference with how people are [cared for impacted me.] Kendal at Home is a different idea of how health care should happen for the retired population.”

New to Cleveland, Joanne and her husband moved to the city from Grand Rapids, Michigan, due to her husband’s job transfer. She’s enjoying the bustling excitement of downtown and is looking forward to exploring what the city has to offer.

When she’s not working, Joanne can be found spending time with her family, which includes two adult children, traveling, hiking, and kayaking.

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