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April 10, 2014

Mice in the Mattress! A Kendal at Home Spring Cleaning Tale


The following was written by Kendal at Home Members Dan and Marly. It appeared in the 2012 Spring issue of LeChat.

Older adults who choose Kendal at Home have the privilege of remaining in their own homes without the need to dispose of “stuff” they no longer need. However, that often means we need an extra push to clear out what we no longer need or want.

Our push came from two little mice. 

We bought our Oberlin home 33 years ago. Above the garage was an unfinished attic area full of junk: extra lumber, garden hoses, plant containers, bags of borax, etc. This quickly became a perfect place to store our own unused items. Last December, that included two bed frames, two mattresses, an old winged-chair, an antique marble topped commode, an empty wardrobe box, and many boxes of discarded smaller household items. All of this had been happily “out of sight and out of mind” for decades. We never took anything out of this area; we only put more things in it. It was a mess! 

Then we discovered mice in one of the mattresses. That did it! We decided we could no longer put off doing what clearly needed to be done. But, we asked ourselves, “How do we begin?” We certainly didn’t think it was a good idea for either of us to lug all of the items down our stairs.

A good friend suggested we call the Simplified Facilities Group (SFG) to see if the company might help us. We called, and the team immediately said they could, and for a reasonable price. They also suggested that, at the same time, they could undertake the free preventative home maintenance evaluation they regularly do for Kendal at Home members.

On a cold and cloudy December day, Dan Bauer and Mike Mireau arrived from SFG with a van and a trailer. They went right to work with a cheerful and professional manner, carrying most of the attic items down the steps and into their trailer to be dumped later. Junk from the garage also went into the trailer. Several more valuable items were lined up alongside the garage to be distributed later to charities. In less than three hours, both our attic and garage were clean as a whistle. This huge and burdensome task was behind us. It was worth every penny.

Now we’re ready to attack the mountain of paper records we have accumulated over the years—and we don’t need mice to give us that extra push! Buoyed by the transformation of our attic and garage, we’ve learned our lesson. We’re ready to begin Stage Two of our Big Clean Up.

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