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April 08, 2014

Summer Getaway Tech Tips: 7 Tips for Better Planning

Planning a vacation seems like it should be a relaxing process. Yet, by the time you narrow down location, figure out travel logistics, determine the best accommodations, and start packing…you feel like you really need a vacation.

Luckily, vacation planning doesn’t have to be such a headache. Thanks to online resources and helpful technology tips, older adults can plan a hassle-free vacation right in front of their computer screens. So pull up a chair, open your web browser, and let’s get started!

Using Technology to Pick a Destination

  1. Start with Google: If you can narrow down the type of vacation you want to a category of travel or area of the world, Google is a great place to start. Type in broad search terms like “Best all-inclusive resorts” or “Most affordable European destinations.” Your results will likely turn up several “best of” list articles that you can then comb through to find a few destinations you may be interested in.

  2. Read Blogs: Not only are there hundreds of travel-specific blogs out there, but many people also keep personal blogs and write about their daily lives in a city you might be interested in visiting. Reading blog posts about a particular destination, resort or cruise you’re debating taking can give you an insider glance into a real traveler experience, as well as some hidden gems from a non-tourist perspective. You can check out the types of activities, food or sights that others enjoyed.

  3. Join a Discussion Forum: Talking to other travelers during your planning process can get you some great tips for how others handled a similar trip. Some specific resorts or cruise lines might have their own community discussion board, but you can also find forums through TripAdvisor.com, Fodors.com, Frommers.com, and LonelyPlanet.com. Within the discussion boards, you can post questions of your own, join an already-existing discussion, or simply read through previous responses to find answers.

Using Technology to Determine Travel Logistics

  1. Map it Out: If you’re having trouble deciding whether you should drive, fly, or take a train or bus, then you can use sites like Google Maps. You can track your distance in travel time or miles and even see what the trip will cost you using average gas prices. Once you determine which method of travel will suit your trip the best, you can begin mapping out your road trip or booking your flights.

  2. Use Kayak: When shopping around for the best flights, you don’t have to check the websites of multiple airlines. Kayak.com will compare prices from multiple airlines and booking sites so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. Kayak will then direct you to the best place to actually book your flight.  

  3. Get Creative: Depending on where you’re headed, you might be able to get creative with your lodging. In addition to searching for hotel prices (and reading reviews!) on sites like Kayak, you can also check out short-term house or condo rentals or other alternative lodging options, like bed and breakfasts. Since the Internet makes it easy to shop around, make sure you look into all of the choices available to you.

  4. Use your Miles: If you have frequent flyer miles available, don’t hesitate to use them. Not only could they expire in the time you’re trying to “save” them, but their value could also decrease down the line.

We’ll be offering even more tech travel tips to help you plan a better summer getaway in the coming weeks on our blog. Subscribe to the Kendal Northern Ohio blog now so you don’t miss it!

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