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April 29, 2015

What Does the Future Hold for Older Adults? [VIDEO]

Believe it or not, 2020 is only five years away. The start of the next decade will likely bring with it new advances in a number of fields — including senior living. To get an inside look at what trends might be on the horizon for older adults and their families in 2020, Perkins Eastman Ideas Cafe sat down with senior living thought leaders — including Kendal at Home’s Lynne Giacobbe — to discuss. Here’s a look at what they think will make an impact.


Technology already plays a fairly significant role in the lives of older adults today. It can help them manage medications, track fitness levels and stay connected with family and friends. What can we expect in the next five years?

Suzanne Pugh, CEO of Aldersgate in North Carolina sees technology lending a helping hand in connecting a community of older adults.

“[I see it] really being able to reach seniors maybe that aren’t making the choice to live in the bricks and sticks that we provide and really be able to connect with them and connect them where they are,” she said.


Being able to age in place is becoming an important part of the aging process for older adults. As we’ve discussed, more than 90 percent of older adults want to remain in their homes as they age. Barbara Giles, Associate Director of Jewish Senior Life in Michigan sees aging in place gaining more ground in 2020.

“Here in 2020 we’ve broken the boundaries on what people think of as older adult care, older adult services. Because people now want to be served in their home, in the place that they call home. People want services when they want them, [and] how they want them,” she explained. “We’re no longer locked in to the bricks and mortar communities, and now we think of community in a much larger and broader sense, and being an older adult makes you an integral part of the community and not separated from it.”

Perkins Eastman also asked what keeps these thought leaders up at night when they think about the future, and providing quality in-home care was a popular subject.

“The requests from the residents to have 24-hour care in their...home and how do [the caregivers] make sure those residents are safe in their home environment because they don’t want to go into an assisted living environment or a care environment,” said Thomas Navin, COO at Greenbrier Development in Texas.


When it comes to helping older adults age in place, partnerships among providers can play a big role, as Lynne points out:

“Our program really has been built upon partnerships since it began 20 years ago,” she said. “But I think those partnerships have evolved, and some of the critical partners that we have developed over these last few years are people that have really been outside the scope of what we might have thought about traditionally when we started. So integrating with technology partners, and dementia specialists and people who have helped to enable us to serve people in a much more effective way.”

What do you think the future holds for older adults and aging in place? Let us know in the comments!

Watch the full video from Perkins Eastman below to get all the insights from industry thought leaders.

2020 Vision for Senior Living … dreams, needs and ideas from Perkins Eastman Videos on Vimeo.

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