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June 17, 2014

What Kendal at Home Means to Me: Testimonials from Members

In April, Kendal at Home reached a meaningful milestone: its 10 year-anniversary. The not-for-profit marked the occasion with a celebratory luncheon attended by about 200 guests last month.


Throughout the luncheon, Executive Director Lynne Giacobbe, Board Chair Catherine O’Malley Kearney and Kendal Corporation President & CEO John A. Diffey recognized staff and partners for their continued support and commitment to the not-for-profit. But the real recipients of praise were Kendal at Home members, especially charter members.


“When someone decides to join Kendal at Home, they don’t enter into that decision lightly. They’re entrusting their care for the remainder of their lives to us,” says Giacobbe. “That first year, all of those people who put their faith in us, it was incredible. I can still remember each one of those people as they joined the program. We had no guarantee this would work. To look at it these years later, it’s pretty amazing.”


The event culminated with a video of members expressing what it means to them to be a part of Kendal at Home. In their words, here is what Kendal at Home makes possible:

“Kendal at Home provided exactly what my late husband needed and wanted at the end of his life to be able to be at home. It was the best gift that he could be given. I hope for the same.” Carolyn Grossman

“We have expended time, energy and money on making our home ‘our home.’ It is part of us and we do not want to leave it. We feel that Kendal at Home, with all its support functions, makes it possible for us to enjoy our home for a very long time.” John and Margaret Erikson

“I chose Kendal at Home in 2009 after a thorough and diligent evaluation of my personal needs and options open to me. Kendal at Home means marvelous, helpful people. They are extraordinarily competent to assist me in my times of need. Every time I have had to ask for help the response has been immediate, thoughtful and complete.” Dr. Gerald S. Mills

“Now I am on the verge of retirement, Kendal at Home means more to us than ever. It means Marsha and I can stay in our beautiful home as long as possible. It means that whenever one of us needs help, our care coordinator is only a phone call away. And it means we can sleep easily with the knowledge that, as we grow older and need extra help, we will always be taken care of.” Warren Darcy

“Kendal at Home has given me so much peace of mind about my future. The services Kendal at Home provides are exceptional and very much appreciated.” Carolyn Cahill

“[With Kendal at Home], our future care needs are in the hands of knowledgeable and caring professionals who we have numerous opportunities to establish deep relations with.” Saifi and Bea Rasiwala

“Kendal at Home causes us to have fewer concerns and fears as the aging process continues. Our home has been adapted in simple ways and is a much safer place for older friends and neighbors.” Sally Strauss

“Kendal at Home has given us a sense of confidence for future living space and activities. Knowing there is all-year support and comprehensive health monitoring for each of us has given us the push to do additional planning with family members and feel more organized for the future.” Terry and Dorothea Warren

Discover more Kendal at Home testimonials in “Straight from the Source: What Our Members Have to Say.”

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