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December 30, 2014

Why Being Happy Should Be Every Older Adults’ New Year's Resolution

It’s that time of year again: another year has come and gone and everyone is looking forward to the positive changes they can make with a clean slate in 2015. If you’re like most people, you’re busy thinking of all the ways you can “do better” in the New Year. 

  • This year I’m going to eat healthier…
  • This year I’m going to exercise more…
  • This year I’m going to finally get organized…
  • This year I’m going to stay in better touch with my loved ones…
  • This year I’m going to read more books…

While you’re making your resolutions, consider adding one more: be happy. It might sound simple, or maybe even a little abstract, but resolving to be happy in 2015 could be the most important resolution you ever make. Why? We’re glad you asked. 

Happy People Take Better Care of Themselves 

If you can manage to be happy in 2015, chances are your other resolutions of eating healthy and exercising more will follow suit. When you feel emotionally fulfilled, you’re more likely to take care of your physical needs and make the health of your body a top priority. Resolving to be happy can give you a new lease on life – both physically and mentally. 

Happy People Could Lead Longer Lives 

While the exact reasoning behind the power of positive thinking isn’t exactly known, research has shown that happy people could experience less illness or even live longer. Your mental health and physical health are closely tied together. By prioritizing your happiness, you can help your body stay healthier, longer. 

Happy People Have More Fun

If given the choice between being happy or unhappy, we’re willing to bet you’d choose happy without giving the decision a second thought. Simply put, it’s better to be happy than unhappy – happy people get more enjoyment out of life, experience less outside stress, and feel more at peace with who they are. Why wouldn’t you want to make being happy your New Year’s resolution? 

Even if you consider yourself a relatively happy person, there is always something you can do or change to improve your life and experience more happiness. This year, prioritize your own emotions and make being happy as an older adult your ultimate goal for 2015.  

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