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November 11, 2016

Why You Should Make Preventing Falls a Priority

Falling is one of those events you don’t think will happen to you…until it does. In the US, an older adult goes to the emergency room every 11 seconds for a fall-related injury. Not only that, an older adult dies from fall-related complications every 19 minutes. The worst part about these high numbers is that the majority could have been prevented.

Accepting falls as part of the aging process only serves to perpetuate common myths many people have accepted as facts. Instead of thinking a fall can’t happen to you or—worse—approaching the possibility of a fall as inevitable, take action and make prevention a priority.

3 Reasons Preventing Falls Should Be at the Top of Your To-Do List

  1. The consequences can be severe. While there are different degrees of falls, it doesn’t take much to go from being left with just bruises to nursing broken bones. A fall can leave you with serious, long-term health problems and, in severe cases, can even be fatal. You don’t need a fall-related injury to keep you from enjoying the activities that make up your routine. Regardless of what degree of consequences you might be facing, risking a fall is never worth it.

  2. Your family and friends will thank you. Falls aren’t just hard on you; the repercussions can be upsetting and stressful to your loved ones, as well. Owning up to the possibility of a fall and taking steps to prevent an accident lets your family know you’re prioritizing your health.

  3. It doesn’t take much to make a difference. The large majority of falls are preventable, but you don’t have to go to great lengths or change your entire lifestyle to impact your risk factors. Simply addressing clutter around your home, maintaining your vision and hearing health, and working to build up your strength and balance can make a big difference.

Don’t wait for a fall to happen before making prevention a priority. Your risk for falling goes down immediately once you stop ignoring the possibility and take action.

Home Fall Prevention Checklist



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