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Together, transforming the experience of aging.®

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What is Kendal at Home?

Kendal at Home is a companion to long-term care insurance. While long-term care insurance can provide the financial aspect of care for your client, Kendal at Home bridges the gaps of long-term care insurance by providing the care. Kendal at Home provides the people and plan to make sure your client gets the care they need when they need it, all while protecting their assets.


Risks That Long-term Care Insurance Does Not Cover

As your client ages, these risks aren’t covered in long-term care insurance. Kendal at Home helps mitigate these risks through care coordination.

  • They could need a hospital stay or procedure
  • They could need regular care at home
  • They could need an advocate when navigating medical expenses or treatment options
  • They could need help with medication
  • They could need to stay in a nursing facility

Kendal at Home works together with long-term care insurance. It provides the care your client needs while leaving their assets intact.

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How Kendal at Home Works

Expert Care Coordination

Our team of care coordination experts ensures your client has their needs met 24/7.

Asset Protection

Unlike nursing homes and retirement communities, Kendal at Home protects your client’s assets.

Safety & Independence

Your client gets the safety and independence they desire and the peace of mind they and their families desire.

Sound Investment

An investment in Kendal at Home helps your client protect their assets and remain independent.

How Kendal at Home and Long-Term Care Insurance Compare

Kendal at Home

Long-Term Care Insurance

What You Get

Any care — whether they’ve got the flu or a broken hip or need nursing assistance.

Financial coverage for the costs of long-term care.

Not Included

The actual care, patient advocacy.

Services provided by non-Kendal at Home approved providers.

Asset Protection

Does not protect your client’s assets. If your client needs expensive care and their long-term care insurance runs out, their assets will be used to pay for care.

Protects your client’s assets by paying for your client’s care if and when they need it, regardless of the amount.



Cost varies based on age and health. Discounts are available for holders of long-term care insurance policies, and the cost can be tax-deductible as a medical expense.