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September 09, 2013

Life Enrichment Committee Helps Kendal at Home Members Socialize

In our last post, we introduced the Life Enrichment Committee: a group that brainstorms physically and mentally stimulating opportunities for Kendal at Home members to meet and share ideas, stories, and experiences. One of the Life Enrichment Committee’s most popular events is the annual bird walk, which takes place in late April or early May.

For older adults interested in sharing ideas and sparking conversations with their fellow Kendal at Home members more often than once a year, the Life Enrichment Committee created book groups and “LeChat,” the quarterly Kendal at Home newsletter. Uncover what these socialization opportunities are all about here!

Book Groups

Joining a book group or club is an excellent way to meet new people and discuss topics that interest you, no matter your age. What started as one book group for Kendal at Home members about seven years ago has blossomed into three book groups today. “We started a second book group as we got more people,” Deborah, chairman of the Life Enrichment Committee, says. “That’'s been going on for one or two years.” The third book group, Deborah says, began just last month.

The new book group meets at the Kendal at Home headquarters in Westlake. The other book groups (nicknamed the Coppedge Group and Shaker Heights Group) meet on the east side of Cleveland.

Deborah says the book groups are much more than simply reading novels and holding lively discussions; they’'re about developing relationships with likeminded people. “And when someone is sick,” Deborah says, “a dozen people know. They send cards and well wishes. It’'s been very rewarding.”

To get the word out about upcoming books and meetings, the Life Enrichment Committee works with Kendal at Home to send flyers to Kendal at Home members with meeting dates, book titles, and group leader contact information.

“LeChat” Quarterly Newsletter

“LeChat” is a quarterly publication that features articles of interest for those retired in Northeast Ohio written by Kendal at Home members. “I always strive to have a new member write an article each time,” Deborah says. “We’'ve had quite a few members participate in this; probably 30 or more Kendal at Home members have contributed photographs, articles, or ideas.”

Previous “LeChat” articles cover everything from gardening to physical fitness. No topic written in a lively manner that relates to older adults is too outlandish for printing. “We’'ve had discussions about death and grief, medication, what’ it'’s like to be a parent of a gay adult,” Deborah says. “We even had an article asking ‘Do old people smell?’ We’re not shy about meeting topics head on,” she asserts. 

“LeChat” is governed by a seven-person advisory board that meets once a year to discuss article ideas and determine if “LeChat” is fulfilling its mission to contribute, in a lively style, to building community among Kendal at Home members and provide information relevant to seniors living independently at home in greater Cleveland. “Plus, we have a blast socializing,” Deborah says.

“Working on ‘LeChat,’ we just marvel on the Kendal at Home members,” Deborah says. “They have such varied interests; a lot are quite unique. It makes us proud to be part of a program like Kendal at Home.”

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