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Healthy Aging with Kendal at Home

No matter your age or physical ability, taking control of your physical, social, and mental health can help you lead a fulfilling independent life. With this sentiment in mind, Kendal at Home is pleased to announce the launch of a new yearlong Healthy Aging Initiative. Designed to support Kendal at Home Members in taking personal responsibility in their health, the Healthy Aging Initiative will offer members a wide variety of fun educational events that will give them the opportunity to socialize with other members while gaining information to assist in remaining independent in the home.

The goal of aging successfully is accomplished through member assessment, education, and awareness. The care coordination team and the members work towards this common goal by developing an individualized annual plan of care to achieve positive results. The Kendal at Home team hosts interactive seminars, encourages members to reach annual goals and communicates current health trends to members.

"As I think about what is important to me as I age, how I can be successful and healthy, it's much more than just eating well, getting regular exercise and going to bed on time. It's about learning how to relax, seeking things that bring me joy, having confidence that I can tackle challenges and spending time with those I love. To me, that's a recipe for healthy aging." - Jennifer Brush, MA, CCC/SLP*

*Brush has been working for over 20 years to change the face of dementia care in hospitals, assisted living communities, nursing homes and home care.

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