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Coffee Hour: Language, Labels and Pronouns 101

How do you appropriately address someone? It may seem like a simple question, but not everyone identifies with the labels you may assume they would. So, how can our language be used to create a more inclusive environment? In celebration of LGBTQ History month, join us as we welcome back Joan Ilaqua of The History Project to give us some insight into the history and usage of language, labels, and pronouns.

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About Joan Ilacqua

Joan Ilacqua became The History Project's inaugural Executive Director in January 2020. Most recently, Ilacqua served as Co-Chair of The History Project’s board of directors and as Harvard Medical School’s Archivist for Diversity and Inclusion. She is a member of the New England Archivists’ Inclusion and Diversity Committee and has a background in advocacy and oral history. She graduated from UMass Boston’s Public History master’s program and earned her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Puget Sound. In her free time, Joan likes to read queer romance novels and spend time with her wife and two lazy cats.