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Common Aging in Place Terms

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Refers to basic tasks like eating, dressing, toileting and bathing that make up most people’s day.

Aging in Place

Refers to a person remaining in their home, or living in a non-healthcare environment, as he or she ages.

Life Plan Coordinator

Part of the Kendal at Home team, this person helps a Kendal at Home member live his or her best life and helps coordinate long term care services.

Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

A residential facility that is part independent living, skilled nursing home, and assisted living facility. Healthy adults can enter a CCRC and choose to live in an independent home or an apartment, and can enter the assisted living or nursing care facilities if they are needed.


A service for terminally ill patients and their families that provides medical, nursing, and support services for the final six months of a patient’s life.

Palliative Care

Specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses. Care focuses on improving the quality of life for patients and their families, and improving the symptoms and stress of living with a serious illness.

Independent Living (IL)

A communal housing option that can provide assistance with supportive services like meals, transportation, and activities.

Assisted Living (AS)

A housing or services program that provides meals, activities, personal care and housekeeping services.

Skilled Nursing Facility

A congregate living setting regulated by state and federal governments that provides housing and healthcare in a professionally managed setting to adults who need assistance with the activities of daily living.

Long-term Care Insurance

Insurance designed to cover the cost of a nursing home, retirement community, or home health care.

Long-term Care

Consists of services and support to health and personal care needs over an extended period of time.

Assisted Living Facility

A residential facility that provides assistance with activities such as medication management, housekeeping, bathing, etc.

Vitalize 360

A program for older adults designed to promote wellness and successful aging. The program combines a person-directed approach with a scientifically grounded assessment system.

In-home Functional Assessment

A periodic assessment from the Kendal at Home team that looks at your functioning and safety within your home.