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Kendal At Home

Care Coordination

Care Coordinators empower members through education and information to promote continued independence. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will receive the information and services when you need them, for as long as you need them.

Meet one of our Care Coordinators

Learn more about the role of Care Coordinator at Kendal at Home. Click below to meet Cheryl one of our care coordinators.

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Maintain Your Independence with the Support of a Care Coordinator

We challenge and inspire you to live a full, healthy and vibrant life. We never impose decisions on you, but rather work together to make sure your wishes are followed when care or services are delivered. A Care Coordinator will communicate what he or she thinks best supports you throughout your life, but the final decision is always yours. Maintaining your independence is the most important facet of our program.

Trusted Partner

A Trusted Partner to Help You Set & Support Your Wellness Goals

A Care Coordinator supports and guides you as you live your best life. Their goal is to help maintain your quality of life and health outcomes. They serve as your trusted partner and are there to help you set and support your wellness goals. You define what wellness means to you — whether that’s accomplishing a new task, maintaining your independence or something else entirely — your Care Coordination team will help get you there, serving as your navigator.

Health needs

Round-the-Clock Care for Your Health Needs

Whether you’ve got the flu, a broken bone or need round-the-clock care, your Care Coordination team helps you get the information and services you need for as long as you need them. In the event of hospitalization, a member of your team will visit you as soon as possible and make sure your discharge is handled properly.

Your Care Coordination team also works with you to resolve any issues you may encounter during or after care.


Care Coordinator Qualifications

Kendal at Home’s care coordination team is composed of professionals with diverse backgrounds in healthcare, including nursing and gerontology. Some of their credentials include:

-  Extensive training through the Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program
-  LPN
-  Master’s Degree in applied gerontology
-  Certified in neuromuscular therapy techniques for chronic pain
-  Master’s Degree in gerontological studies
Meet the team

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Meet Our Team

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