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Kendal at Home continues to follow updates and recommendations from national, local and state health authorities concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Read more about our response here.


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Live where you want with peace of mind.
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Know the Facts
40-70% of caregivers suffer from clinically significant symptoms of depression
People caring for their spouse or a parent have a higher risk of declining health

Of the 400+ members who have joined Kendal at Home, less than 1% live in a nursing facility

Kendal at Home’s rehospitalization rate is less than 3%, well below the national average of over 20%


How Kathy and Dick Stay Independent with Kendal at Home

After an accident, Kathy was able to heal at home instead of in a nursing home. See how Kendal at Home made it possible and how it helps Kathy and Dick remain independent.

“I think that once the old folks are sort of settled, it helps the relationship one has with one's adult children. You're no longer talking about vitamins or orange juice or whatever. You can talk about other things.”
mary p.
Member Since 2011
“We didn’t want our out-of-state children to worry about us. Kendal at Home gave us a reasonable introductory price. There was continuing care involved, which on some long-term insurance...isn’t the case.”
john e.
Member Since 2014
“I can be my parents' son, not be their medical advocate, not take them to appointments, not trying to figure out the prescriptions. My moment of satisfaction came when they joined and I felt relief like I didn't have that impending burden.”
keith s.
Son of Kendal at Home Member
“Our care coordinator is familiar with our lifestyle and farmhouse living on 2.3 acres and growing our own vegetables. They offer financial peace of mind by allowing us to calculate the costs and make other financial decisions based on these costs.”
sandy r.
Member Since 2009
A pioneering leader in the field of aging.
Kendal at Home empowers independent living and enables senior living in your home. Live where you want with the peace of mind you deserve. Start planning now!
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