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Kendal At Home

About Kendal at Home

Established in 2004, Kendal at Home is a nationally recognized program and a pioneering leader in the field of aging in place. The Kendal at Home program is designed for older adults who are healthy and independent, want security for their future, and are planning to stay in their own home.

Older Adult

Our Mission

As a not-for-profit organization, Kendal at Home provides individuals of diverse backgrounds, social identities and lifestyles with a range of options to promote successful aging wherever they choose to live.

Our history

Our History

Founded on Quaker values and a not-for-profit company, Kendal at Home has been transforming the experience of aging since 2004. Our unique life plan at home program empowers you to live the life you want, on your terms, while providing the safety and security you and your family desire.

Philosophy of Care

It’s our Life Plan/Care Coordination team’s goal to keep you in home as you age. Our team gets to know your likes, dislikes and goals to form a customized plan of care designed to keep you well, independent and safe.

Members Testimonials

We love pickleball. It’s the fastest-growing sport in the world. We play every day. We play people in their 50s and 60s ... even some 20- and 30- year-olds. It’s a great way to stay in shape and to socialize. We were approached years ago to join a retirement community. It wasn’t for us. We were too active. With Kendal at Home, though, we get to age in the home we love. We get to avoid a nursing home and age our way. That’s why we joined. Plain and simple.

The Ebiharas Kendal at Home members
Member Since 2017

I’ve been kayaking for years now. On rivers, lakes ... I really love it. I’m part of a paddling club. It keeps me healthy and active, and I get to see a lot. I was a nurse practitioner before I retired, and as I age, I know I can continue to take care of my mom and my husband. But I joined Kendal at Home for when I need help. It’s really a gift to my kids–to my two boys–so that I don’t become their responsibility. Kendal at Home, it’s my peace of mind.

Ruth Devereaux Kendal at Home members
Member Since 2012

We are both very active. Dick is a musician who’s in a rock band and an orchestra, and I love to bike with a friend who lives across the street. Our community is really important to us. We want to be involved and remain active. As we began planning for our future, the thought of being able to stay here in our home is what brought us to Kendal at Home. Our Kendal at Home membership gives us peace of mind. When I fell and broke both of my wrists and knee, I thought, how are we going to manage this. That is when Dick said, “Remember, we have Kendal at Home to help us out.” He then connected with our Kendal at Home Care Coordinator, and she had everything set up for me when I got home. As someone who knew our history and our home, she was able to get a hospital bed set up on the ground floor and made sure our home was functional. Knowing we have Kendal at Home in place gives us and our family peace of mind, and that is everything to us.

Dick and Kathy Dawson Kendal at Home members
Member Since 2020
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