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Kendal At Home

Our Community

As a member of Kendal at Home, you are part of our community wherever you live. Our service is transferable, so if you move, Kendal at Home moves with you.

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Member-Organized Groups

Our member-organized groups feature anything from book clubs to photography groups and much more. Have an interest that’s not a group yet? Put one together.

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Connect With Other Members Through Le Chat Newsletter

Connect with other members through Kendal at Home’s Le Chat newsletter. Our newsletter features stories written by and for members and is released quarterly.

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I think that once the old folks are sort of settled, it helps the relationship one has with one’s adult children. You’re no longer talking about vitamins or orange juice or whatever. You can talk about other things.

Mary P. Member Since 2011

We didn’t want our out-of-state children to worry about us. Kendal at Home gave us a reasonable introductory price. There was continuing care involved, which on some long-term insurance…isn’t the case.

John E. Member Since 2014

Our care coordinator is familiar with our lifestyle and farmhouse living on 2.3 acres and growing our own vegetables. They offer financial peace of mind by allowing us to calculate the costs and make other financial decisions based on these costs.

Sandy R. Member Since 2009

Some of Our Member Organizations