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Join Us for an Online Seminar

Make a Plan with Kendal at Home

Regardless of your current health, you’re likely to need care at some point as you age. Having a plan in place, and a person to advocate for you and people to provide you that care- in your own home if you chose- provides peace of mind for you and your family.  Kendal at Home’s unique program provides all of this and more. To learn more about the healthy aging services and opportunities we provide, please join us for an upcoming seminar where we will explore ways for you to…

  • Live where you want – wherever you call home- as you age
  • Remove the burden of care from your loved ones and provide you (and them) with peace of mind
  • Investigate some of the financial realities of the care you may need
  • Leverage your long-term care insurance policy with Kendal at Home
  • Understand the value of Care Coordination

Register for a Seminar

These seminars will be available in both in-person and virtual formats. Please click the button for your preferred date and format to register.

Or for more information, call us at 440-788-7962 

The Value of Care Coordination - Wednesday, June 23 | 11:00 AM EDT
Make a Plan with Kendal at Home - Tuesday, June 29 | 11:00 AM EDT
Make a Plan with Kendal at Home - Wednesday, June 30 | 10:30 AM EDT | Columbus, OH

For more information about our seminars and other courses, please call 440-788-7962 or email Info-KaHome@KaHome.Kendal.org

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