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Kendal At Home

Care Coverage

Without a crystal ball, it is hard to predict what services and level of care you will need as you age. With your Kendal at Home membership you can rest assured that your needs will be covered.





Covering Care Costs

Learn more about how Kendal at Home works through our video series. Check out how paying for coverage works through Kendal at Home by clicking below.

C13 FAQ Do I Pay For Care

What does Kendal at Home Pay for?

Depending on the plan you select, Kendal at Home pays for a variety of services like; care coordination, home health aides, companion services, adult daycare, delivered meals, home inspection and emergency response systems.

AAPI Granpa

Supporting you when you are healthy

Kendal at Home provides you with a Care Coordinator who gets to know you and your goals while you are healthy, not when you start needing care, creating a personal approach that caters to your preferences. Kendal at Home also holds wellness events for members to help keep you active and healthy.

Health Needs

Care as it is needed

Whether you’ve got the flu, a broken bone or need round-the-clock care, as a Member Kendal at Home helps you get the services you need for as long as you need them. In the event of hospitalization, a member of your team will visit you as soon as possible and make sure your discharge is handled properly.


Your Care Coordination team also works with you to resolve any issues you may encounter during or after care.

Care Coordinator-  Meet the team

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Meet Our Team

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