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September 17, 2020

A Kendal at Home Adult Child Member Story: Heather and Sandi

While many adult children would help care for their aging parent with no questions asked, many understandably, are hesitant to take on the role of caregiver, adviser and advocate. That’s part of what drove Heather to introduce Kendal at Home to her mother Sandi.

Heather and her brother helped provide advice on whether their mother should downsize, what the layout of her new residence should look like, and more, but when it came to providing medical advice or advocacy, that’s where she and her brother needed help.

“I'm not a healthcare worker. I wouldn't know what type of advice to give my mom if she had any kind of a medical situation,” Heather said. 

Now, instead of worrying about how to care for her mother if she needs medical attention, Heather knows she will have the care she needs thanks to Kendal at Home’s care coordination team. 

“Since she's joined, I feel tremendous relief,” Heather said. “Not only do I not want my mom to have to go to a long-term care facility, but I feel reassured that she'll be well taken care of and by quality caregivers.”

As of 2016, there were over 12,000 home healthcare agencies in the U.S. Trying to find the right agency for yourself or your loved one can seem overwhelming. And then once you find an agency, you’ve got to be sure the people they’re sending into your loved one’s home are safe and reliable. That’s a lot of work and stress for a caregiver or family member. Kendal at Home removes that burden for you by coordinating your loved one’s care and thoroughly vetting anyone who will come into their home. 

“I've seen advertisements for employment on social media for home healthcare workers with language suggesting that no prior experience is necessary,” Heather said. “With some of these companies, you don't know who's walking into your parents’ home or if they have the knowledge to take care of them.” 

Another selling point for Heather’s mother was that Kendal at Home protects her assets. 

 “The financial aspect was also important because her assets would be preserved with this program versus having to react to something unexpected down the line,” she said.

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