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December 21, 2012

What Do Older Adults Do When They Retire?

Most of us look forward to retirement. In the years before we finally turn in our office keys and wave good-bye to our co-workers, we imagine spending retirement doing the hundreds of things we’'ve been shoving onto the back burner for all these years waiting until we finally had time to do them. Well, the waiting is finally over. It may take about three to six months to finish all your uncompleted projects...

But then what are you going to do? 

Some people indulge their favorite hobby (golf and fishing come to mind). Others become avid collectors. Some folks travel. Others dabble in the arts, trying their hand at painting or pottery. Some people become eBay entrepreneurs. Others enjoy cruising garage sales and flea markets in search of bargains. And some people who can’'t adjust to the leisurely life of retirement go back to work! 

Retirement is what you make it.

It can be dull and boring or an exciting opportunity to try new things and experience new places. You can discover new talents and revisit old ones. You can support a favorite program or cause by volunteering. Or you can do something crazy you’'ve always wanted to try; President H.W. Bush strapped on a parachute and went skydiving! What’s your secret dream? 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011 people age 75 and older spent their time as follows: 

  • 0.3 hours - Work and related activities
  • 2.4 hours - Household activities
  • 7.5 hours - Leisure and sports activities
  • 9.2 hours - Sleep 

With 7.5 hours of leisure time to fill, it’'s a good thing Kendal at Home and Kendal at Oberlin offer so many exciting activities and interest groups. To find out how Kendal residents and members are staying active, click here

To see what Oberlin and surrounding Northeast Ohio areas have to offer, download our free guide today.

Healthy aging is hard on your own. Kendal at Home can help you age well and enjoy your retirement.

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