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October 01, 2021

Plan Now for the New Year’s Financial Climate

Fall brings changes in the weather and a focus on the holidays, but it also signals the imminent closing of a tax year, making it the right time to check in on your short- and long-term financial picture.

  • How can I navigate looming federal tax increases?
  • How can I be sure I’m spending and investing wisely today and over the next few decades?
  • How can I secure my assets against the unpredictability of long-term care expenses?Brad Norton

Registered financial advisor Brad Norton has some answers and will join us on Tuesday, Oct. 5 for a free Kendal at Home webinar on “Fourth Quarter: End of Year Tax Strategies.” He predicts higher taxes in 2022 and beyond and will share actions you can take now to soften the impact.


Brad is director of endowment solutions at Winfield Associates with 17 years of institutional investment experience and 14 years as an equity research analyst. He is a CFA Charterholder, a CPA (inactive), and a graduate of Bucknell University and Georgetown University (MBA). He has over 20 years of endowment experience and serves as a trustee and investment committee member of the Stocker Foundation, a philanthropy focused on early education and STEAM, or science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.


Brad is also the son of two new Kendal at Home members.


Although his focus is financial advice, there’s significant alignment between his work and that of Kendal at Home. Both are focused on careful planning, lifelong independence, long-term wellness, and robust asset protection. Neither Brad’s clients nor Kendal at Home’s members ever want to be a burden on their children. The biggest uncertainty for both groups is long-term care, a wildly unpredictable expense that 70% of people over 65 will need in some form at some point in their lives. Careful planning well in advance provides peace of mind and fosters family harmony in challenging times.


“While it is relatively easy to plan for large expenses such as travel, housing, a roof replacement and transportation, health-related costs tend to be the largest unknown future expense,” says Brad. “While we provide advice on the financial side, we encourage clients to have conversations with experts who understand health care needs such as Kendal at Home.”


Tuesday’s webinar with Brad is relevant for both Kendal at Home members and potential future members, who can deduct Kendal at Home’s membership fees from their taxable income and spread the deduction over two years.


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